How to brew cold coffee with the Hario Cold Brewer -aka- the Mizudashi

Cold brew coffee rose in popularity a few years back and, much like cold-pressed juice, we believe it is here to stay. Most people enjoy their coffee hot, but having cold brew at your fingertips enables you to enjoy coffee on the hottest of days. Some even enjoy cold brew all year round.

Cold Brew -v- Iced Coffee

Cold brew is more popular than iced coffee due to the difference in taste and acidity. The acidity is lower due to it being brewed with cold water for anywhere between 8-12 hours.

Foolproof Recipe:

  • 1 litre of cold, filtered water (or 600ml, dependong in the size of your Mizudashi)
  • The Mizudashi: Hario Cold Brewer
  • 80 grams of freshly ground, roasted organic Quest coffee. If you are using the 600ml Mizudashi, then you would add 50 grams of freshly ground coffee. You can adjust this according to taste.

It is really important to use filtered water. Coffee is over 98% water and, if you use ordinary tap water, the flavour would be adversely affected.

  1. Grind your coffee; the grind should be between medium and course. If you use a finer grind, you will end up with sediment in your brew. Click here to see why we prefer grinding coffee on demand.
  1. Pour in the filtered water, allowing time for the water to soak the grinds.
  1. Leave it to brew between 8-12 hours. Most people prefer to allow it to brew for 12 hours. The longer you steep, the more flavour your coffee will have. Some say that leaving it to steep for 24 hours will extract all the flavours to a maximum level. It’s up to you really.
  1. Remove the basket and pour the cold brew into a cup with ice. As it is a coffee concentrate, using ice brings the coffee closer to the flavour we are used to.

The 1ltr Mizudashi will make 8 cups of coffee and the 600ml Mizudashi will make 5 cups.  Your cold brew will last up to about 1 week in the refrigerator also.  The Mizudashi is definitely one of those ‘must have’ brewers. Not only does it deliver a rich and flavoursome cold coffee with limited acidity, but it looks sleek and elegant too.

Here is a cool ‘how to’ video from our friends at Hario.

Written by Therese Glowaski.



Going bald? We have the answer for you…

There are many interesting topics of conversation that are had in our James Street, Burleigh Heads, cafe. One that had us wanting to know more was the link between coffee and your hair. So after lots of theories going to and fro, we thought we would find out more about this interesting topic and share the results with you.

Healthy hair and regular hair growth relies on  vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. There are also other things that negatively affect hair growth including genetics, disease and more. All of that aside, caffeine may have a beneficial effect on your hair follicles to promote healthy hair.

The Research


The International Journal of Dermatology published a study looking into coffee hair growth benefits as a possible stimulant for hair follicles. Their findings showed that caffeine works by blocking the effects of a chemical known as DHT which damages hair follicles; this is thought to cause Male Pattern Baldness.

Dr Tobias Fischer, a researcher at Germany’s University of Jena also studied the effect of caffeine on human hair follicle growth. His study consisted of taking scalp biopsies from men in the early hair loss stages. He put the follicles in test tubes with solutions containing different caffeine levels and left them for up to 8 days so he could monitor the growth. He found that “caffeine is a well-known substance, yet little is known about its effect on human hair follicle growth. Caffeine shows it’s a promising candidate for hair growth stimulation.”  When he compared the caffeine treated hair follicles treated to those that were untreated discovered that caffeine boosted the length of the hairs by between 33 and 40 per cent.

Caffeine Absorption

You can consume caffeine via food and beverages which will enter your bloodstream, and eventually reach your hair follicles. Combine that with a topical application of caffeine-enriched shampoo. This would allow exposure to your hair follicles to a high dose of caffeine, without causing the side effects that can occur due to consuming high doses of caffeine.

Researchers in Germany determined via their studies that caffeine delivered to the hair follicles after 2 minutes of shampooing allowed the caffeine to penetrate into the scalp via the hair follicles and outermost layer of the skin.

Could this hair be stimulated by coffee?

Could this hair be stimulated by coffee?

Side Effects

While coffee rinses or oils can help keep your hair strong and minimise hair loss, it can cause some people with hair colours like blonde, light red and light brunette, to darken slightly. It could also give some hair colours a slight reddish colour. On the other hand, regularly shampooing or rinsing with coffee will help to darken hair colours like brunette and grey.

Our conclusion is that this is a great reason to continue drinking coffee (not that we needed any excuses)!

Written by Therese Glowaski.

Our Quest Around the Gold Coast; Espresso Xcellence

Do you have an upcoming function and forgot to think about the addition of coffee? Special events and coffee go hand in hand…in fact, it’s nearly an expectation of the general public that they will be able to grab a delicious coffee at these occasions. The only thing better than having coffee available is having our delicious, organic, Quest coffee, ready for your enjoyment.

Our friends at Espresso Xcellence have got ‘mobile coffee’ covered; whether it be at a wedding, market, sporting event, school fete, community event, corporate expo, festival or any other event for that matter.

Espresso Xcellence at various locations serving Quest coffee

Espresso Xcellence at various locations, serving Quest coffee, delicious food and top notch service

They have their own supply of power, so you don’t need to worry about having a power source available. Just a quick phone call is all that is required to make the booking. Then you will have the Espresso Xcellence team ready to serve your customers with what the rumour mills says is…’the best coffee on the Gold Coast’.

Lou is available to answer any questions you have and secure that booking before it’s too late: the number to call is 0418 671 778.

Written by Therese Glowaski.