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Our “Quest” around the Gold Coast; Daisy Days

Once upon a time, a creative couple named Meg & Nick, shared a long time dream of theirs with friends who then urged them to turn that dream into reality. Their love of all things natural and authentic, combined with a heart to serve and love people with quality produce and style, brought their vision to […]

How Much Caffeine is in your Favourite Beverage?

We often get asked by our lovely customers how much caffeine is actually in our coffee when compared to other favourite Australian beverages. So we thought we would do a little research and share the results with you. Coffee happens to be the largest contributor in the typical Australian diet and it comes in varying […]

Cool Ways to Recycle Used Coffee Grounds

Have you ever sat back and wondered if there was a way to recycle your used coffee grounds, rather than just adding them to the garbage bin? As you can imagine, we make quite a few coffees during the day here at Quest which leaves us with quite a bit of waste product afterwards. We thought […]

Our “Quest” around the Gold Coast; Giri Kana Café

Do you ever find yourself out and about on a busy day in Southport, or nearby, longing for a good quality coffee but struggle to find one? We’d like to introduce you to one of our valued wholesale customers, Giri Kana Café. Not only do they have a wide selection of freshly made vegetarian and […]

How to Make the Perfect Plunger (French Press) Coffee

Many would agree that the biggest creature comfort they miss after a long day would be the delicious coffee they have come to love from their favourite cafe (after all, we are closed for 14 hours each day). One of our best selling at home coffee makers here at Quest Coffee Roasters, and the one […]

Why Grind As You Go…

WHOLE BEANS v PRE-GROUND COFFEE BEANS We often get asked the question “Why should you grind as you go?” Coffee, like most things, tastes best when it is fresh. Buying your coffee beans whole and only grinding as you go will always produce a consistently good flavour, as opposed to your pre-ground beans. A good quality […]

Fairtrade vs Rainforest Alliance; what’s the deal?

We all like to do our part where we can and when it comes to coffee, we often find ourselves looking for Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance, organic, guilt-free coffee. But do we really know what those fancy labels and certifications actually mean? Much of our coffee is from places all around the world where the environment […]

A short history on coffee…

Written by Therese Glowaski. With the richness of the coffee taste comes a rich history. Coffee has been in existence for thousands of years and has an interesting history that is full of tradition. Its discovery can still be considered a mystery and there are many legends and stories that tell how coffee came into popularity. […]